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how to use the Add graphic table element option to add an excel table to DDPs

Question asked by kltrooper on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2012 by kltrooper
For those of us desiring to add a dynamically linked excel table to a series of data driven pages there is an option, add graphic element, available if you have the production mapping extension installed and have an arc Edititor or higher license.  Apparently, there is no toolbar, you just enable a DDP and do insert - add graphic element. The option will see both excel & DBFs in the arcmap ToC. However, the tool wizard, apparently, only works with DBFs. Then, when I attempt to create a table on the DDP, using the option's wizard and specifying the DBF,  I don't see my table data display on the page.
Has anyone used this tool, successfully, to add a DBF table onto a layout view DDP?