Discussion created by rlwatson on Oct 10, 2012
ESRI.ArcGIS.Client used to be delivered in the Silverlight bits in the form of a Silverlight assembly and a WPF assembly.

You could also download the Silverlight bits without having to go through the Customer Care website, i.e. the bits were publically available.

Now the WPF based code has moved from Silverlight into the ArcGIS Runtime and you cannot download it without going through the Customer Care website.

What I'd like to see is a single portable assembly that can be used in either WPF or Silverlight.  If that is not possible then can the WPF version (which really means not Silverlight) of this assembly be made publically available again?

The reason why I ask is that we serialized types between ArcGIS Server and Silveright using this assembly.  We are not using the ArcGIS Runtime.