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ArcGIS Mobile Android v/s Windows

Question asked by esrideveloper on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2012 by esrideveloper

We have provided a mobile solution to one of our client in ArcGIS Mobile 10 for windows. It is a very extensive solution and includes various functionalities  like tasks, extensions, offline editing, data syncronization with server,spatial analysis etc.
Now we are planning to migrate same fuctionalities to Android (and IOS) .

Though we have done some exploration to find its feasibilty there are few grey areas which we wanted to know about-
- OOTB functionalities already available (zoom, Pan, Measure etc)
- Offline editing capabilities
- Data syncronization with server
- Deployment of application on client
- Inter-application/Activity data communication (like Intents, serialization etc)
- Support for Mobile Cache Architecture

It would be great if you could tell us (or any links) any specific functionalities which is supported on windows but not on Android.