ConstructUnion freezing / hanging

Discussion created by kyanuk1 on Oct 9, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by dshats

I am working on creating a dissolved buffer of clusters of point features, so I can then count the number of features the dissolved buffer contains.  The buffer is 25 meters and represents a specific feature, so if there is an intersection of buffers (dissolved), it is considered a single feature, and all of the points which created the buffer will fall into this new single polygon and be associated with that polygon.

I had some assistance writing some code which ended up working well enough to a point on a file geodatabase that just has the single feature class in it.  However, the working version of this will be operating on a database with a dataset.

When I try to use the code on the database with a Dataset, it freezes at the ConstructUnion.  Is the dataset confusing this?

I've tried setting the spatial reference of the geometrybag to the SR of the dataset in the database, but i receive an RPC_E_SERVERFAULT error when I try this.

Is there an easier way to create dissolved buffers?