Synchronizing replicas from different coordinate system with custom transformation

Discussion created by boban on Oct 8, 2012
Hello all,

I have a problem with synchronizing replicas that are from different coordinate systems. So I created custom geographic transformation and tried to synchronize changes with the Synchronize Changes tool from ArcToolbox.

I followed instructions from article "HowTo:  Apply a geographic transformation or datum shift when synchronizing a replica" (link)
From the Synchronize changes tool I tried to change Environment settings--> Output coordinates and select previously created custom geographic transformation like explained in the article .
Problem is that custom geographic transformation is not listed in Environment settings--> Output coordinates and it's not possible to apply it.

I checked the default location: User-->appData-->...-->Custom transformation and file exists there.
Drag&drop to the Environment settings raise error so I presume gtf files aren't allowed as an input.
I use Desktop 10.1 and both Feature Classes that replica consists of are from SDE Enterprise GDBs.

Thanks for any kind of help, I am really tired from this and not very familiar with coordinate systems.