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ArcGIS Server 10 to 10.1 - Service Caches?

Question asked by davidrenz on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by davidrenz
Is it possible to move our 10.0 caches to the new 10.1 services that we are going to have to recreate?

It is extremely frustrating that ESRI has once again devised a new reason for us to completely uninstall one of its products in order to re-install its new product. For those of us who have small shops and a heavy reliance on ArcGIS Server, it is a huge burden to have to stand down our current architecture in order to stand up a new one. I hope some day ESRI can figure out how to do "Upgrades", rather than complete system overhauls.

I am basing my gripe on this, if I am wrong about the whole upgrade path, please let me know:

So, is it possible to use our caches from 10 with the recreated services that we need to create for 10.1, or is that something we will need to recreate as well?

sigh ...