Getting XY Coordinates into Table from SDE Feature Class based on a Join

Discussion created by MCusumano on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2012 by jskinner-esristaff

I have a problem where I need to get the geometry from an SDE feature class into a table to project. There is no unique field to join on so I have to do it this way (fc to table). With the fc in SDE I still have to ObjectID field intact so I can use that, but when I copy it over the ObjectID's change and I can't do a join. I also can't add a new field to SDE and there are no XY existing coordinates in fields in SDE.

How can I get the XY coordinates into the table from SDE based on the join? All of the documentation I've seen works through a search cursor, which I shouldn't need since the join is set up, right? Would like to just do a calculate field on X and Y fields while the join is established...thanks.