ArcObjects Books for 10.0 (where?????)

Discussion created by warpengine on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2012 by warpengine
I am looking to create from scratch an ArcMap extension using .NET. Looking for books that detail the process. So far I have found nothing that will help me become adjusted to the .NET way of creating an extension. I have some help from tech support and some list users but wanted something more as an official reference. Anyone know of any good books I can take a look at?

As a side note I think I can sludge my way through and create a sample extension. But what I want to do is understand each step of the process. For example there are several extension types I can create and I can add several types of buttons to my toolbar. I have yet to find a good reference that explains each option and where and why to use each type.

any help is appreciated.