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Missing Feature Templates

Question asked by eba.rhia on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by mell1584
I have been making a series of maps in which I typically reuse the previous map, update data to the new area and re-save under a new name. Up until a day ago this method worked fine (for over 20 maps).  Now I'm having issues where the feature templates are missing when I go to edit some point features. 
The create features window states 'There are no templates to show.'
When I go into the Organize Features window my template is there - I've checked the templates; copied them; deleted and recreated new templates.  I've tried turning my editing session on and off and even closing the map and re-opening it. Still the Create Features window states there are no templates.
I'm working with Arc 10 btw.

Anyone else have this issue ; suggestions to resolve it??

At the moment I'm having to recreate each new map from scratch - big pain and time consuming.