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drawing graphic layer on client side

Question asked by krystian4421 on Oct 2, 2012
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I've got some problems with drawing graphics point on client side. The problem is, when I draw points by first time by JS api everything is OK. But when  points exists and I  try to realy fast pan my map window from left to right (for example) my graphic layer can't finish drawing before one pan is ended. After few this kind of operations I can see, that my graphics points aren't in the geographic position as they should be when I started to pan. My question is how can I block again pan untill my graphic is drawn properly. I think it is the only way to prevent described situation.
I would like to mention, that I'm using jQuery for this application and I tried many many tricks like setting flag and setting enableMapNaviagtion() after document ready, I have tried to setTimeout, but for now this doesnt works. Can anybody helps me?