Where To Set MobileWeb Permissions?

Discussion created by rcoodey on Oct 1, 2012
In 10.1 where do you set permissions for the MobileWeb maps?  With 10.0 I don't recall having to change anything, but they were under the IIS wwwroot so if we did need to change them I could with IIS.

We upgraded one of our servers to 10.1 and are trying to get the same MobileWeb maps we had in 10.0 setup.  We are connecting to it via the ArcGIS iPad app.  I can add the server connection but as soon as I hit the "Maps" button it prompts for a username and password.  If I provide my login credentials I can get in (I'm and admin on the server btw) but we don???t want users to have to login.  The server is on our internal network so we want read access to everyone.

In 10.1 I see the JSON maps are stored at "arcgisserver\directories\arcgismobile\MobileWeb\Maps"...  I tried granting everyone read access to the "arcgismobile" folder but that didn???t help.

We also have the web adapter for IIS installed on the same server.  But whether I connect through the default port 80 or port 6080 it prompts for login credentials.

Any help on setting these permissions in 10.1 would be great!  Thanks a lot!