10.1 Geoprocessing Service Questions/Issues

Discussion created by rcoodey on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2012 by rcoodey
Very excited about most of what I am seeing with 10.1 server until I got around to publishing a geoprocessing service.  Seems like AGS took a few steps backward with these but I am hoping I am just doing something wrong...

A few questions if I may:
1) We can no longer just right click a toolbox and publish it... WHY???  Is this correct?

2) So we have to "run" the tool first and then we can publish from the results window... But the tool I am trying to publish is inputting data into our corporate warehouse, so I don't want to run it.  I did just so I could try publishing it, but then had to immediately go into the feature class and manually delete out the test data.  Am I missing something?  There has to be another way?

3) When the tool gets published, it takes the values I entered when running it (since we have to run it to publish it) and uses those as default values... I do not want those as defaults... I want the field to stay blank.  And I don???t see anywhere to change these values either before or after it is published.  How can I either not use those as defaults or change the default parameter values?

4) I see in ArcCatalog under the GIS server it still shows a toolbox with the same name as the tool it contains (I think that is just the name of the service which I didn???t change)??? so does each toolbox now only have the one tool?  So no actual concept of a toolbox anymore really?  No way to add multiple tools (tasks) to the same service (toolbox)?

Thanks a lot for any help or information.