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Life cycle of an AxControls - license missing in some point of the execution

Question asked by xtian79 on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by xtian79
DEAR PEOPLE FROM THE FUTURE: Here's what we've figured out so far???

Some knows the lifecycle of an AxControl (AxTOCControl) ?

Why this question??? ok , lets put in this way.....I have a complex application, tha uses several technologies (Spring.NET, NHibernate, DevExpress components) among them ESRI ArcObjects.

this application starts normally, it binds a product (engine or desktop) then it gets the licence (ArcEngine), it starts!!! it works!!! so it is getting the proper license ....but wait!!! in some moment, minutes after the aplication has started, then it throws a dialog box saying that i do not have the license of ArcView (in fact i do not have it...but i do not need code only use functionalities related with ArcEngine...not even extensions)..if i click in the button of this dialog box, the the application is closed.

I have trying to capture the thread that launch this dialog box, but this attemps has benn useless..... :( also i try use the tool Process Monitor and Process Explorer, but has not been able to get information.

So....I need to undertand the life cycle of the AxTOCControl to indetify when it is losing the license. Or if some knows why a control can loss the binding o the existing will be very hepful!