CA-Signed Certificate for ArcGIS Server

Discussion created by LANDVEST on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by drewdowling
We are attempting to secure or server with at CA-Signed Certificate. The instructions for this are found here.

However the CA is requesting what what 'server software' we are using before we submit our CSR (the choices range from IIS7 to Apache to Lotus Domino and so forth). Our IT department has stated that providing the appropriate server software is typical when getting a CA-Signed certificate.

We are using the web adaptor for IIS which leads me to believe that we need to choose IIS7. However, as I understand it, at 10.1 AGS has a built in web server based on Apache (?) and I need get this right the first time.

What is most troubling is that Support Services has indicated that this is generally outside the realm of support and they have a request in to 'the developers'. :confused:

In the 10.1 Help section 'Configuring ArcGIS Server to be secure', it explicitly states:
While setting up SSL for a website, it is common practice to use a self-signed SSL certificate in the test environment and a CA-signed certificate when moving to production. (my emphasis added).

ESRI itself indicates this is best practice.

I'm hoping someone here will have the correct answer.