each time select a new folder, with Model builder, and have automated processing?

Discussion created by borko.medic-gdi-net-esridist on Sep 28, 2012
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hello all!

I have made a Model_Builder that does various raster processing.
Here is file system:

ID_1 (parent folder)
- Folder_1 - rasters inside
- Folder_2 - rasters inside
- Folder_3 - rasters inside
- Folder_4 - FGDB (raster catalog) inside
- My_Model_Builder

There are around 150 'parent' folders (ID_1 thorugh ID_150), all with same 'child' folder structure.
At this moment i have set relative path to model builder, and copy it through all 150 folders, when i run them they work good, each for its own 'parent' folder.Going through specific 'child' folders, copying rasters into Raster Catalog, calculating fields, joining fields, etc.

What i would like to do is to have only one Model builder, somewhere outside the 'parent' folders, and that when i run it, i get option to select 'parent' folder (drop down, or just browse) and after that, that all further processing (processing that model builder does) are automated as the are now.

any help please?
thank you in advance!