ArcGIS Server cluster not able to start published services

Discussion created by greenbr on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by sondickerson
We have a setup of two ArcGIS 10.1 servers connected to a WebLogic server acting as the cluster manager.  When I restart the ArcGIS servers, developers are unable to start their published apps.  Looking in the logs, I see a message "Failed to synchronize machine 'HOSTNAME' with the site.  /arcgis/server/framework/ejbs/USERNAME/MapName.Recycling (is a directory)"  where both HOSTNAME and USERNAME are the values for here.  When we saw this we tried deleting the service - but it moved on to another one.  It seems like they are going to ALL give the same message, one at a time.

Has anyone seen this - is there a way to clear it without having to rebuild the servers?