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Can't build map service cache and use any but the main site machine

Question asked by simpsonr on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2012 by simpsonr
I've got a multi-machine site setup with two clusters:  cluster A (one machine: 4cpu) and cluster B (8 machines:4cpu/machine).  I've got a map service on cluster B that I'd like to build a map cache on.  Everything looks great until I actually go to build the cache.  Only the main site machine seems to be doing any processing even though I can go to Manager and see that the service is on cluster B and that cluster B has a bunch of machines in it with a total of 32 max instances.  Heck, cluster B doesn't even have the main site machine in it so why that machine is the only one doing any processing on this cache is beyond me.  What have I missed in this story?  When I go to manager, it says that there are 8 instances running and a max of 32. But when I look at cpu activity for all the servers, only the one machine is doing anything, every machine in cluster B is idle.