Objects disappear when I export at high resolution

Discussion created by ilike2fish49 on Sep 27, 2012
I'm trying to export a map from ArcMap 10 onto which I've drawn several "marker" type shapes. The shapes are formatted into the sphere (Size; 13, Color: Leaf Green if you need that info) shape in the ArcScene Basic style reference. The map looks good and is ready to export, however when I export it (JPEG is my preferred format, but would settle for others if they worked...) at any resolution higher than about 100 dpi (I normally export maps at 500 dpi), all the little green spheres disappear. If I export it at low resolution they show up just fine.
   I've tried changing the shapes to different symbols and the problem goes away, however I really want to use the spheres for my map. I've also tried exporting into a bunch of different formats with the same results. I've also tried grouping the symbols, and bringing them to front, neither of which helped. Anybody know why this could be happening??