GIS BEGINNER_ I tried to export topology data structure (polygon geome) to a table

Discussion created by khalid_almuzaini on Sep 27, 2012
In ArcGIS desktop the topology data structure is hidden.

I tried to access this information from the personal geo-database to extract information about polygons topology but I couldn???t identify the tables and what do they mean.

I have been told that can be done by Python script.

I don't know how to reach and export this information to a table or at least in a text format (I don???t want the result to be in the map - visually):
1. The adjacent polygons for a polygon (polygon_ID).
2. The containment relationship between polygons; for example a polygon is contained by another polygon e.g. a district polygon is contained by a city polygon (they are usually in different layers).
3. The node coordinates; the nodes that I meant are the intersections point between three polygons.

Many thanks in advance.