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Arcobjects sample not running in eclipse

Question asked by avigis on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by FerasObeidat

I am new to the world of Arcobjects. To experiment I tried running a sample in eclipse but it pointed out a license issue. I am bit confused now about the pr-requisites so help is much needed.

I am running Desktop 10.1 on windows xp. I have also installed the Arcobjects sdk for Java. I have the license(s) and have already registered the product and extensions.

After configuring eclipse following (here it talks about ArcGIS engine but I did the same steps for ArcObjects) I was able to add create a "ArcObjects Sample" as a new project in eclipse. This is the custom tool "delete features". When I run the ToolRunner class I get the message "Could not initialize an Engine or Basic License. Exiting application." which comes from the static method initializeArcGISLicenses(AoInitialize aoInit).

Now ArcGIS is already running, so I can not understand where the problem is, I don't have ArcGIS engine but a desktop should do fine?

If you can find time to set me right I would be very grateful.