Cluster Analysis Basic Tools

Discussion created by dospanes on Sep 27, 2012
Hello Forum,

In the context of my master thesis I want to cluster Municipalities according to their land-use patterns. Each Municipality has a diffrent agricultural caracteristics (crops and cattle), forest caracteristics (natural, managed, etc.) and river use characteristics (Hydropower, fishing etc.). So far I figured out the following needs:

  • The Cluster must have a specific minimum size (e.g.50 km2)

  • The Municipalities that fall within a cluster must have a regional proximity

So right now I'm wondering what is the best tool for the analysis. Some tolled me I should do first a statistical Clustering wihtin R because it seems I have more options for Clustering (and spatialize only after the statistical clustering). Others tolled me to start directly in Arc GIS and try diffrent options and see the spatialized version.

What do you think? Can anyone maybe recommend literature or workshops etc.

Thanks in advance!