Faeture Service Joined Table Attributes

Discussion created by tatu on Sep 26, 2012
If someone could help either with a better workflow or how to deal with where i am stuck i would appreciate it. I'm just tired and want to get some sleep after a few nights chasing this.

I have a point feature class in a SQL Server geodatabase (arcgis server 10.1). I need to join this data to non-spatial layers also in the geodatabase in order to retrieve the most recent record and tie it to the point feature. I can create a view within the database or using the "create new" function in the geodatabase. I can then join this view to the feature class in ArcMap and get the associated records no problem. However, when i publish the service i begin to have issues with the attribute data. If i use the data in the Silverlight Viewer the data shows up in the datagrid, but not the popup unless i don't show any of the fields from the joined table then it will show the values from the feature clas. In the silverlight API environment i cannot reference those joined fields in the MapTip. I Think it may have to do with fact that the fully qualified field name for the joined fields has quotes around the database instance name.

i.e. Database."SERVER\INSTANCE".%Viewname.Fieldname. The quotes cause issues in the XAML and I don't know how to get around this.

If anyone can help with this specific issue or a better workflow to get joined data effectively being used in a feature layer as part of a map service I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance,