Problem with ImageServiceLayer visibility

Discussion created by tligon on Sep 25, 2012
Apologizing in advance that I can't post code...I have an image service layer that will not draw. Debugging using Firebug indicates that the map service is up and running, the connection to the service is fine, and the layer itself is being returned to the browser, but it just doesn't draw.

So here's the pseudocode:

  1. Create a dynamic map service layer and add it to an array

  2. Create the image service layer and add it to the array; set the "noData" parameter to "0"

  3. Create a tiled service layer and add it to the array; set the display levels from 6 through 14

  4. Create the map object; give it a custom LOD array with levels 0 through 14; use the array with the map layers as the layer array

The dynamic layer is just there for emergency purposes and doesn't draw unless the tiled layer is unavailable.  The image service layer doesn't draw at any zoom level.  The tiled layer draws once the user zooms in past level 6, as expected.

Two questions: do I have to add the "visible" parameter to the image layer?  I was under the impression that the layer is supposed to be visible by default when added to the map (the dynamic layer is specifically set to "visible : false" when it is created); second, do I have to add display levels to the image layer?  According to the API documentation, image layers don't have a display level parameter.