Geoprocessing hangs occasionally 10.1

Discussion created by Bernard79 on Sep 24, 2012
i ran into an issue with background geoprocessing with one particular file gdb. The first geoprocessing event is successfull but the second geoprocessing event always hung up in a continuous loop with the only way to escape was to exit the program.  I tried to cancel geoprocessing but the cancel just ran in a contiuous loop.  This only happened with this particular file gdb.  I tried doctoring the mxd, compacting the gdb, and exporting all feature classes to another gdb without any luck.  Whenever i geoprocessed with the results going to that gdb or a gdb with the same data the process always hung up.  Only once i disabled background processing was i able to continue geoprocessing.  I am able to continue with this project but i do wonder if there is something wrong with this particular file gdb or the data in it?