Strange behavior of bearing (LocationService), manually set rotation angle fails

Discussion created by zimmev on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by WCrick-esristaff

I???m currently developing an Android navigation system for my master???s thesis.

I use the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android (1.1) to visualize the position of the vehicle on the map. The map and the vehicle should always direct ahead. So, I rotate the map based on the angle between the current position and some positions before.

Additionally, I turned the ???bearing??? of the LocationService on. However, now the vehicle is driving as if the driver were drunken. This isn???t very attractive for a navigation system. Reasons for this could be the slow speed (about 20 km/h) and the vehicle symbol. I intentionally added a big transparent area in front of the vehicle. So, the current position is always at the front and not in the middle of the vehicle. Do you know how to fix this drunken state?

Alternatively, I wanted to set the rotation angle manually with the method PictureMarkerSymbol.setAngle(). This PictureMarkerSymbol is then set as symbol for the LocationService. However, the rotation angle does not change. Did I do anything wrong? Or is this a bug in the SDK 1.1. What about the SKK 2.0?

Many thanks!