Creating Map Image

Discussion created by juhunter on Sep 20, 2012
Hey all,

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong topic to put this under. I am in the process of creating a class library, there is no viewable map, I'm using the WPF SDK (not the runtime, the one that gives just the few libraries) since that's where I'm following my examples from, but I've run into a snag. I need the ability to export a map, which would be my cached map service, but I need to be able to put points and labels on it before exporting it to a jpg (or other format). I can use a direct connection to my REST endpoint to export the map, but I can't figure out how or if it's even possible to perform the dynamic points and labels on it beforehand.

Is this possible? At the moment I'm looking around the ArcObjects, but I was hoping to be able to create everything necessary for our upgrade by using the ESRI.ArcGIS.Client/Toolkit/Tasks library.

Thanks so much.