Trouble using Token security with roles and users from Active Directory

Discussion created by jacksoe on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by jacksoe
I'm setting up a 10.1 server with this configuration:

User Store:  Windows Domain
Role Store:  Windows Domain
Authentication Tier  GIS Server
Authentication Mode:  ArcGIS Tokens

I've configured an admin role and assigned an AD group to that role.  I've then applied that role to the sampleWorldCities service with security set to "Private, available only to selected users" and then allowed an AD group with Admin role type to use it.  When I then access the service I receive the REST login prompt.  I respond to the prompt but am redirected back to the REST login prompt over and over.  The token is generated but the redirect keeps occurring and I never see the service.

If I change the Role Store: to "GIS Server" and configure a role there (Users still from AD), I can get the above scenario to work.

Anyone have a suggestion as to what I"m doing wrong?