help with dynamic dysplay

Discussion created by cool_man on May 22, 2010
i'm trying to make the dynamic display work
i want to do 2 layers or 2 types of drawing, with the recompile and the immediate.
so i'm creating 2 layers but the drawing occur all the time!
the recompile rate draws all the time so thats ok... but the immediate also draws all the time \= even when i set the ImmediateDyrty flag to false, it just continues drawing all the time, and the application is just open and i'm not touching it.
how do i fix it? or how do i draw properly. i want the immediate drawing phase to draw only when the flag changed by me or by map function (zoom or pan) so that it wont draw all the time.. but i also want that the compiled phase would draw every cycle...


ok so i understood how the compiled and immediate work... but the thing i noticed is that if i turn the recompile rate flag to true then both phases redraw... but if i turn only the immediate flag on then only the immediate phase  redraws... is there no way to work with each phase seperately?
if not then whats the point of having several dynamic layers? :S