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raster extent too large

Question asked by petronilamandeno on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by petronilamandeno
Hello all,

I know this is something simple, and I've tried looking for it but couldn't find anything exactly like this:

I "clipped" a raster data by using the Raster Calculator with the Environment Settings-Raster Analysis-Mask set to a much small box in a polygon shapefile. When I load the raster into the data frame, I get the data I want, but the extent is the same as the original raster. Why is it doing this? This is fine for display, but I can't do anything to further processing with it because all other outputs end up with the same extents.

I tried using the Extract by Rectangle as well (on the newer file), but the extent remains the same.

I am running ArcMap - ArcView with Spatial Analyst on Windows 7.

Thanks for any help