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Bing AerialWithLabels not rendering on accelerated Layers collection

Question asked by Symbolick on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2012 by Symbolick
I have a bing layer working on accelerated layers, however we have noticed that the LayerStyle = AerialWithLabels will only render when it is added to the regular layer collection.  the section of code that switches the layerstyle is simple and looks like the following.
   switch (bingType)                 {                     case (BingMapType.Street):                         thisType = TileLayer.LayerType.Road;                         break;                     case (BingMapType.Satellite):                         thisType = TileLayer.LayerType.Aerial;                         break;                     case (BingMapType.Hybrid):                         thisType = TileLayer.LayerType.AerialWithLabels;                         break;                 }                                 _bingLayer = new TileLayer { LayerStyle = thisType, ServerType = ServerType.Production, Token = _config.BingKey, Visible = _baseLayerVisibility, ShowLegend = false };

By this point the _bingLayer has already been added to the acceleratedLayers collection.  Note that switching to aerial and road styles render perfectly.

Any suggestions?