Opposite of setback... HELP ME!

Discussion created by Sheyla_Santana on Sep 13, 2012
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Hello, everybody.

I'm having a problem in my rule. I'm writing a rule of urban parameters of Belo Horizonte, the city that I live. In this rule must be
given a lot with front setback of 5.9 meters. Later, we will extrude 3 meters. So far so good. After that, I need to extrude more 6 meters, but removing the setback. These should be 6 meters without any clearance. Accurate, after giving the extrude of 3 meters, ask him to extrude 6 meters without clearances. I just can't find a way to do this... Needed a rule that is the opposite of setback or something like this. My rule so far is:

attr Frontal= 5.9
attr Lateral = 1.5
attr TO = 0
attr CA = 3
attr Fundo = 5
attr Frontal1 = -5.9 (Can I put a negative setback for him to regain the extension of the lot without clearances?)

Lot -> AreaTotal (geometry.area)
AreaTotal (areatotal) -> Afast_F (areatotal)
Afast_F (areatotal) -> setback (Front) {Streetside: NIL | remainder: PrimoAndar (areatotal)}
PrimoAndar (areatotal) -> extrude (3) SegAndar (geometry.area, areatotal)
SegAndar (areatotal, area1andar) -> setback (Frontal1) {Streetside: NIL | remainder: Block (areatotal, area1andar, geometry.area)}
Block (areatotal, area1andar, area2andar) -> extrude (3 * 2) Shape

Can anyone help me please!!