Map works fine on machines running Windows 7, but not XP

Discussion created by bgfield on Sep 13, 2012
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I've spent some time developing a web map, and I'd been testing it exclusively on my machine which is running Windows 7.  I got all the functionality working, but when some coworkers tested it on their machines (which run Windows XP), the map doesn't work.  The feedback I got was that in some cases the map doesn't show up at all, and in others, the map does show up but the tools on the toolbar weren't.  Here's a link to my map: - is there something I need to add to make this compatible with Windows XP machines?  Am I just a complete JavaScript noob (well, that's not really a question - I am!) and made a horribly designed script that's just not going to work as it's written? 

As a note - I ran the code through and cleaned up a lot of the garbage in my code.  That isn't reflected in the current link - I haven't yet asked IT to upload my newest HTML file - but I did test the new page on an XP machine and I'm getting the same issues.

Thanks in advance for the help - if I had hair, I'd be pulling it out right now!!

EDIT: I just had a friend try it on his home PC which is running Windows 7 Ultimate and he's getting the same error on that, so it might not be so simple as a difference between Win 7 and XP.  The plot thickens!

Second edit: It doesn't seem to matter which browser is used, the results are the same across all of them.

Third edit: NEVERMIND, I'm an idiot.  I never changed the URL to the CSS files in my code when they were uploaded to the server; so when it referenced the CSS files on my local machine, it would work on my PC, but obviously not on anybody else's.