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Manually Assign a Facility to a Network Location

Question asked by snowgirl62 on Sep 13, 2012
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I currently have a network (all the roads in the county) and 423 facilities (schools/daycares) successfully located on that network.  I am creating service areas for each facility. 

In working with some of the resulting polygon data however, I've noticed that a small amount of facilities have located to an incorrect point along the network.  It worked properly in that the location on the network the facility should locate to is ~1,200 feet from the site, but it chose to locate to the closer network location that is only ~850 feet from the site.  The tolerance is set to 2,000 feet for locating on the network.

My question is, can I manually move/adjust the facilities to the correct network location?  Also, is there a way for me to determine where on the network a facility has been located?