Please help...trying to find out what tools I need to complete a task

Discussion created by BPDecker on Sep 12, 2012

I work for a local town, and our School Department recently came to me, asking the following request:

"We would like someone to create a model in which we can vary the school district boundaries and each elementary school's grade configuration to determine the resulting impact on each building's student enrollment by grade.

In other words, we would supply the schools' catchment areas. Initially, this will involve using only two sets of boundaries -- the current districting configuration and the configuration that existed when the district last had three K-5 elementary schools. Later, we might add scenarios with adjustable boundaries to model "what ifs" based on grade level school configurations. Given where students live in town, the model would generate a chart that lists the number of students in each grade level at each elementary school building (considering the grades assigned to each building). We would need the model to project out as many years as possible."

Can anybody offer me advice on what tools I would need to generate such info? Network Analyst? Spatial Analyst? If anybody could lead me in the right direction, I would appreciate your help. I currently use ArcGIS Desktop 10 software. Thanks!