how to edit and save data in the geodatabese editversion

Discussion created by robert.zargarian@zettate on Sep 12, 2012
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I wonder if it is possible to edit (f.ex. to create feature) in a specifik editversion in versioned geodatabase. I tried to set gdbVersion property on FeatureLayer to my version name but it doesn???t have any efect.

I tested to edit this gdb editversion in ArcMap create a feature and save my edits. Then I connect to this layer in ArcGIS Runtime and with gdbVersion=???myVersion??? property on FeatureLayer. I can´t see my edits.

I tried to use a Edit tools -> Explicit Save Online code and xaml from Rntime WPF samples but i can not save edits even to default version in gdb.

I tried to add simple point layer to get map point koordinats from mounse klick on map and create new point. But got "Unable to complete operation" from myFeatureLayer.SaveEdits() method.

Am I doing something wrong?
It would be grate with a sample.