Creating a mobile optimized map

Discussion created by joshjones75 on Sep 11, 2012
I've created a map mainly for desktop computers, and am trying to make a very simplified version of this map for mobile devices.

In this simplified version i have six dropdown buttons, only two of which are visible upon the initial webpage opening.  Within one of the two buttons I have nested four buttons, all of which have a dropdown window with a corresponding bookmarks list that is scrollable as it is sometimes several dozen items long.  On my iPhone it works perfectly fine, but upon trying it on an Android device I am unable to scroll through the list of bookmarks.  Instead it attempts to pull the whole screen around.

Does anybody know of something that can be added so that the user will be able to scroll through these lists.  I understand that the pinch zoom does not work on Android devices, but I would have assumed that allowing scrolling through a list in a separate bookmark window would work properly.

Or, does anybody have any other suggestions on how to make a very simple map that will work across android and apple platforms, including some form of bookmarks and a dropdown layerlist?

Thanks for the help in advance.