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Firing an infoWindow from a data grid list

Question asked by marty53 on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by derekwaynemiller
I'm trying to duplicate the functionality you see when click a graphic on the map opening up an infoWindow anchored at a graphic.

For example, a set of points are displayed on the map and an infoWindow has been configured for these and works correctly when a point on the map is clicked.  But I'm also displaying a text list of the names of these same points in a dojo datagrid in a left pane.  I'd like to fire up the same infoWindow action when a user clicks a row in the data grid corresponding to a point.

I've looked in the API reference, and I see there is an , but that would require re-creating the popups that are already tied to the graphics layer, which is NOT what I want to do.

I'm looking for a method that triggers the same action as clicking a point on the map. Seems like it should be something simple that I am missing.

Thanks for any help!