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Spatial Notification won't start - incorrect workspace

Question asked by agaiser on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2012 by agaiser
I recently turned off my spatial notification services and made some changes to my data workspace (changed from an Oracle 10g connection to an Oracle 11 connection). Now when I try to start the notification service it will not start. After increasing the logging to level 5 I found the following in the logs.

11/09/2012 12:30:47.114 Level: 5 OnStart initialized the necessary licenses..
11/09/2012 12:30:57.116 Level: 5 OnStart connecting to the default repository..
11/09/2012 12:30:59.367 Level: 5 OnStart Finished connecting to the default repository..
11/09/2012 12:30:59.374 Level: 5 OnStart connected to the default repository and retrieved data workspace info, Workspaces Count = 3
11/09/2012 12:10:48.695 Level: 5 OnStart connecting to Workspace 0, Name = EGISED4_wmx_10g, ID = {2B41FA02-3368-49F0-BB7A-D670703C2065}
11/09/2012 12:10:48.714 Level: 3 SpatialNotificationService: OnStart caught exception: Could not connect to Workspace.  Please ensure connection is valid, StackTrace:    at ESRI.ArcGIS.JTXUI.Service1.OnStart(String[] args)

I know that the connection is incorrect, but I don't really know where to go to change it. Do I need to reinstall? I cannot remove the 10g workspace because my clients will be connecting with 10g, but my servers with 11.