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Where to Subscribe to Live Traffic Data and Adding Another Provider

Question asked by jungf on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by pstevens-esristaff
I have a question regarding web services used to distribute Live Traffic data and generating DTF files. I have tried to look for this services both on NAVTEQ and TomTom websites and have not found anything.
I think that in documentation could be mentioned what type of service is it, so it could be easily searched. I tried to listen to web communication but target URLs have not given me any useful info.
Is it then some special service, which is not mentioned in Services/Products on provider's pages?

And another question is if would be posible to add our own service to list in Update Traffic Data Tool (do some configuration). Or is it only limited to listed providers? I am asking since our region is not in provided and we could have posibility to make such a service of our own.

Or would it be possible to make DTF file by ourselves?

Thanks much for answers and help.