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How to display AGSGraphic attribute values?

Question asked by redeemarr on Sep 9, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by redeemarr
I'm making a custom class similar to AGSPopupsContainerViewController. This class will show feature attributes and allow user to edit them.
I have access to AGSGraphic attributes and able to display them. But there are some attributes which displays incorrectly. These are enumerators (street names, and so on).
As I could understand, I need a 'domain' for each attribute type and I should display attribute value according to this 'domain' rules. For example, we have attribute 'color' with value 1. So, somewhere must exist some kind of key/value dictionary with values (1, "red"), (2, "blue"), etc. And this way we can understand what value 1 mean "red".  However I didn't find how to get these 'domains' and how to use them.
Can anyone please explain how to obtain what I need?