Select records with the bigger areas -  Urgent

Discussion created by dynamike on Sep 9, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2012 by curtvprice
Hello. I need your help on the following matter.
I have two shapefiles, one is cadastral parcels and the other one is planning zones. when i intersect those two shapefiles (using intersect from arctoolbox) i have a new one, containing parcels and planning zones. Now my problem is that i want to keep only those records that have the two bigger areas.
For example, if one parcel is divided to three parts by 2 planning zones i want to keep only the two records of that parcel which have the bigger areas and do that for all of my records.
Note that every parcel has a unique id number and when intersected with planning zones, keeps that unique number. So in the previous example my new shapefile will  have three records with the same unique number (because the parent parcel is the same), with different areas, depending where they've been divided by planning zones.
Any ideas? Also i'm not much of a programmer so if you have any ideas about scripting it would be a great help if you provide guidlines, or much better the script.
Thanks in advance.