Python script for copying particular layer from CAD

Discussion created by rockycove on Sep 7, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2012 by arekmatoszka
Hi all,

I'll briefly explain what I am trying to get my script to do.

1. Create a new polygon feature class
2. Copy several polygons from a CAD drawing (they will be always be on the same layer and nothing else should be on that layer) to the newly created feature class class.
3. Clip a polygon feature class (will always be the same) with the above newly created one
4. Add a field called AREA
5. Calculate the area in hectares

I have for a while used a model to run 3 to 5, but now I am trying to automate more of the process. I appreciate this is a slightly long winded question and I'm not asking for the complete answer (although I would be grateful) but any pointers as to where to begin with this would be really good.