Slow performance administering services in ArcCatalog and ArcGIS Server Manager 10.1

Discussion created by btelliot on Sep 6, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by RolandsRihters
Hi everyone,

Recently we have been having issues with access the map services in ArcCatalog.  After trying to recreate the error on a test machine, we narrowed down part of it to having the Configuration Store set to a network drive as opposed to C:/.

Originally, we had set the configuration store to a network drive because "the location must be accessible to all machines that are registered to the site".

We shared the C:\arcgisserver\config-store across the network so that all machines could access it instead.

Since changing this setting, the response time is much much faster than it was before.  It used to take ~30 seconds to pull up the 'right click' menu in ArcCatalog, or view the services directory in ArcGIS Server Manager.

If anyone else is having similar issues, I hope this can help.

Any insight to why this would cause everything to slow down would also be appreciated.