Topo To Raster boundary = 'invalid output extent'; extract by mask= no data raster

Discussion created by arc_angel on Sep 6, 2012
Hello all,

I have point and line data for a large and sinous piece of property for which I would like to create a DEM. TopoToRaster seems to work really well, except for one thing...

I would like to use an irregularly shaped extent for my output as the inputs' extents are irregularly shaped. When TopoToRaster is used (at least without a boundary) I get a square extent, making it look like there was point and line data where there actually wasn't any. When I draw a polygon and try to use it as a boundary in TopoToRaster I get an 'invalid extent error'.  I thought I'd try to work around it by producing the raster without a boundary and then clipping it to my polygon using Spatial Analyst>Extraction>Extract by Mask, but the resulting raster has the wrong values, is not visible and clicking around with the identify tool where the raster should be gives me returns of 'no data'.