Merge all shapefiles in directory for 10.1

Discussion created by chanes on Sep 6, 2012
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I am trying to move some scripts from 9.3 over to 10.1 and a portion of my script is hanging up on the merge tool.  Below is the code from 9.3 pertaining to the merge (tested and worked).  Obviously I set Input_Workspace at run time.  The goal is to merge all shapefiles in the directory.  All are same type (polygon):

print "\nSetting the current workspace to: " + Input_Workspace + "...\n"
gp.Workspace = Input_Workspace

# Delete Merge file if exists...
merged_file = Input_Workspace + '/' + "Exp_merged.shp"
if gp.Exists(merged_file):
    print "Merge file exists, deleted...\n"

# Start a blank list for appending
list = []

# For each file in the current directory
for file in os.listdir(Input_Workspace):
    # Get files that end with *.shp
    if (file.endswith("shp")):

        # Append all the files together into one big list
        filepath = list.append(file)

        # Hard-code the output merged shapefile name
        shapefile = "Exp_merged.shp"

        # Given a list of shapefiles, separate each by a ";"
        # and put quotes around the whole thing
        def Lst(filepath):
            return '"%s"' % ';'.join(list)

# Set the variable "mergedlist" to the newly formatted list of shapefiles
mergedlist = Lst(filepath)
print "Merging exports...\n"
gp.merge_management(mergedlist, shapefile)
print "Merged " + mergedlist + " to get " + shapefile + "...\n"

Can anybody help me convert this?  I have tried changing the semicolon to a comma (as it appears arcpy merge wants a different format for the input).  If you have a better way I am of course open to that.