Need advice on which front end GUI to use

Discussion created by cpicciri on Sep 6, 2012
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My group is getting ready to start a new project and I would like to get some advice on what front end application (API) would be
best for our needs. The requirements are:

Have a mapping component (ability to show spatial data, both vector and raster, zoom, layers on/off and basic querying), be able to query and populate Microsoft Access databases (plus display results) and produce reports, probably in Microsoft Word.

Behind the scenes, all of the processing (spatial queries, etc.) will be handled by ArcMap programmed in C#. Right now we just want to pick a front end for the GUI, preferably Web based.

My boss has suggested these as possibilities: Windows Forms (what we currently use), Windows WPF, Silverlight, HTML 5, JavaScript, ASP.NET.

Can someone shed some light on the pros and cons to these or suggest something better? If one of the possibilities we are looking into cannot handle our requirements (does not support a mapping component) then we can eliminate that option altogether.

Thank you all for your time and insight.