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Backward compatibility of 10.1 AddIns with 10.0

Question asked by Hornbydd Champion on Sep 5, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by jhauck-esristaff
All (especially ESRI),

I'm at a cross road with upgrading to 10.1 but some of my clients are locked into 9.x or 10.0. With the release of 10.0 ESRI offered the AddIN, this is great and makes life a lot easier. But I have concerns about compatibility. Can an AddIN built in 10.1 be installed and run in 10.0 assuming it does not use functionality specific to 10.1?  I came across this thread here but no-one seems to have had any success.

So whats the official line on this? 10.1 AddIns are not compatible with 10.0? I hope not!