PathDistance values do not respond to different cut-angles (ArcMap 10)

Discussion created by cauk on Sep 4, 2012

I would like some assistance troubleshooting a spatial analysis issue. I am using ArcMap 10, current patches and updates, and I noticed that the Pathdistance tool returns the exact same values regardless of the cut-angle parameter value. I am calculating cost based on slope (using an SRTM raster for inputs on both the slope and the vertical factor) to a single source feature and I have noticed that the tool returns values almost identical to Euclidean Distance values from the same feature. Additionally, I ran the model nine times using linear cut-angle values between 68% and 1.6%, and the values never changed. The surface raster that I'm using varies in elevation by as much as 23% from cell-to-cell, with average slope values around 8%. I would think that would produce some variation in cost-distance, but the tool seems to be simply ignoring the slope and vertical factor.

Has anyone encountered this?