Grouping Values

Discussion created by kevinbg07 on Sep 4, 2012
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I'm looking to group like values (specifically parcel numbers) while maintaining their separate integrity as polygons.

Specifically, what I'm doing is this: calculating ditch maintenance assessments based off of lots that have been split based upon their use of the particular ditch/stream and their remoteness (essentially distance as, "the boat floats," as opposed to, "how the crow flies.") which I've been able to do more-or-less manually.  So, I have parcels split multiple times within specific watersheds as well across multiple watersheds.  This is needed because a particular parcel may have multiple use and remote factors that affect it's               maintenance assessment which have to be added together in the end.

So, essentially, a parcel (while in "reality" remaining one parcel) that has been split several times and has to be put back together      again.  Is there a tool, or a group of tools that would assist in doing this? Obviously, it can be done manually, but we're talking about upwards of 30,000+ parcels some of which have up to 6 splits - so it's complicated to say the least.

Any help or suggestions are of great value and would be extremely helpful.  I've been spinning my wheels on this and haven't been     able to come up with much besides doing this manually, parcel-by-parcel.