Clip issue in ARC10

Discussion created by jsch802 on Sep 4, 2012
I'm doing a very simple project where I have mapped several segments of a lake shoreline while taking a survey of several different items, such as amount of overhanging vegetation. I took GPS points, loaded them, created the map, created a new feature class to create the actual segments. The attribute table for the segments is includes the survey data. Now I'm creating layers by selecting the attributes of interest and clipping them to make new layers. Easy enough except that for each set of layers so far, I get at least one that won't work and get an error 99999. For example, Overhanging veg could be None, Sparse or Common. Worked when I selected None and Sparse, not Common. For Buffer Zones, I could do Buffers of 50% or more for None, Min, Mod but not Heavy. For a Heavy of 90% or more, not problem. Doesn't seem to matter what order I go in. I need to double check, but it seems that at least in some cases, the selected attribute that one successfully clip might be the one with the most lines selected. Help, please.